04 March 2017

Exploring the dark side.

Babylon 1900.
Once a thriving city of 40,000, East Cleveland now has a population of 17,000 and is in ruins, with street after street of abandoned and decaying homes and buildings. Former mayors and city officials are in prison for corruption. Schools that were once excellent now pass only two or three of 24 state tests, even though they receive more funding per pupil than most suburban schools. The police and fire departments are reduced to skeleton staffs, and many city services have disappeared. The mayor and city council president have recently been recalled, and the city’s only hope of survival is either declaring bankruptcy or merging with Cleveland. At one time, blacks moved to East Cleveland for a better life; now it is a destination of last resort.

Government is partly to blame. Section 8 subsidies and risk-free, government-sponsored mortgages give people no vested interest in their community. They are free to walk away from property in which they have invested nothing.

People who lived in East Cleveland as late as the 1970s have told me what a great town it was, and how they loved Shaw High School. Now there are no stores or businesses. Instead of living in an affordable community close to Cleveland’s cultural center, whites choose one-hour commutes and mortgages they can’t afford in order to escape from blacks. East Cleveland today is the result of a black population with black leadership, and until America begins to understand race, there are more East Clevelands in our future.[1]

An example of what resulted when our finest social engineers thought of ways to deal with "poverty."

It turned out that the poverty in question was poverty of the spirit.

Charlie Brown, come kick this football!

[1] "How I Learned About Blacks." By William Hendershot, American Renaissance, 2/10/17.


The Local Malcontent said...

Startling, but not surprising information about East Cleveland, and the unfortunate novelty of Black municipal government, Col. Bunny.
I did a minimal, cursory Google search and found a site, which both confirmed this blight, and then presented this fact:

Of the 10 Worst-- worst Cleveland suburbs, East Cleveland population has a median income $13,000 LESS/year, than the next worst. ($20,660 vs. $33,770 in Painesville)
Just incredibly revealing! https://www.roadsnacks.net/these-are-the-10-worst-cleveland-suburbs/

bluebird of bitterness said...

Wow, that was really depressing.