07 March 2017

The biggest story of our time.

This Mark Steyn video is about 29 minutes long. It's absolutely brilliant. The part about what is the biggest story of our time is near the end.

He's absolutely correct about what that story is and how the media is consciously, with malice aforethought, doing all in their power to keep it from you.

Think about what that story is and this media suppression and you'll have the beginning of an understanding of the malign, satanic agenda that is being played out in all Western nations. I don't think even the term "Deep State" begins to describe the traitors who have worked so hard to bring this about.

The betrayal is staggering.

The video was part of the article "Something is Rotten in the State of Sweden." The Mark Steyn Show, 3/5/17.


JWMJR said...

Just as President Eisenhower warned us, the military industrial complex is consuming the the remains of the Republic. The CIA and NSA now function as a Praetorian Guard determined to casters or kill any president opposing their imposition of policy and power.


Col. B. Bunny said...

Sweden is sort of the test bed for how far they can push it. Make no mistake, Mark is absolutely correct that the government and the press are dead set on keeping this story from being told. It's out there in plain sight but still people can't grasp that people they've normally trusted in the past are just evil swine.

Thanks for the link.

PS - I owe you a comment on the link you sent me earlier to your article.