08 October 2017

Holmes leads the way.

Let us apply the wisdom of Sherlock Holmes yet again: When you eliminate the impossible – that U.S. (and Western) elites care about the well being of their fellow citizens – then what you are left with is the truth, no matter how improbable. Ergo, Western elites have an abiding hatred of their own kind. Everything they do is an attack on normalcy, decency, peace, security, economic sanity, and the nation itself.
Our immigration bureaucracy is so dedicated to destroying America that it’s made citizens of thousands of convicted felons .

If you don’t understand how that could happen, you have no idea how much our cultural elites hate this country. Their governing philosophy is: Anyone we bring in is at least better than an American![1]

Ever wonder why tens of thousands of U.S. factories are now operating in China? Hatred. Ever wonder why we waste trillions in fighting undeclared wars abroad for secret or ambiguous purposes? Contempt. Ever wonder why AntiFa thugs are allowed to attack Americans exercising their right to freedom of speech? Hatred. Ever wonder why trillions are wasted on supporting a vast parasitic, criminal underclass? Hatred.

Living the dream.

[1] "We Made Donald %#&@ Trump PRESIDENT — What Else Can We Do?" By Ann Coulter, Human Events, 9/7/17.

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