October 9, 2017

The uselessness of substantive political discussion.

Political discourse is pretty much a lost cause now. Probably, it was in all times past.

"Fascism" is what you don't happen to like at the moment, in particular any attempt to maintain order, protect free speech, or enforce immigration laws. Totalitarian "National Socialism" is right-wing. "Capitalism" is the chained, fleeced, shorn, plucked, gelded, banker-dominated, branded, roped, and shell-shocked shell of its former dynamic, free-market self. "Socialism" is the lodestar of sidelined youth whose economic dynamism and fairness will restore the republic to health.

"White privilege" is the cause of all black woes instead of their own sloth, hedonism, criminality, and rejectionism. "Racism" is logical, statistically-verifiable criticism of aspect of black behavior.

Possible rejectionism.

"The Holocaust" refers only to the killing of millions of Jews, gypsies, Christians, homosexuals, Slavs, Poles, and communists by Germans. It does not refer to the murder of over 100 million people by totalitarian leftist regimes. Discussing Jewish media ownership, the role of AIPAC in our politics, the dominant role of organized Jewry in pushing relentlessly for open borders and unlimited third-world immigration (but not for Israel), why it is exactly that Israel is our great ally in the Middle East and is entitled to billions in aid from us, and Israel's deliberate, knowing attack on a U.S. warship is "anti-Semitism."

Pointing out that the federal government is riddled with communists is "McCarthyism." "Free speech" is political pablum. Really free speech is "fascism" and "white supremacy."

"Living Constitution" and "propositional nation" are concepts that, respectively, describe the wholesale rejection of constitutional government and an attack on white America whose majority position may simply be upended by massive third-world immigration. Not one of such immigrants has any clue what proposition or propositions is or are encompassed in that term, unless it's "free stuff for everyone." "Amnesty" signifies betrayal of the citizens of the country. Immigrants who come to "make a contribution" come to assume a parasitic relationship with the host nation and to steal jobs from citizens who would themselves make "a contribution" by working at the jobs stolen from them by illegal immigrants who do work but also drive down wages.

Islamic aggression, subversion, hatred, and murder are rare, insignificant aspects of Islam, of interest only to a tiny, sick, deranged segment of the world of Islam. Islam is a "religion of peace" and Muslims by the millions belong in the West where they can and will make a "contribution."

Political parties that have the temerity to speak the truth about ANY aspect of modern, Western political life are excoriated and shunned by voters. Liars, thieves, murderers, and betrayers are enthusiastically embraced by voters and handed state power.

Here's Theodore Dalrymple's take on timid attempts to control public spending, AKA "austerity":

Finally, austerity. This word in Europe is now used to denote attempts by governments to align more closely (not absolutely) their expenses with their incomes. It would be as accurate to call a rich miser profligate with his money if he buys a loaf of bread. Again, using the right terminology would not settle the question of whether attempts to balance the government budget are economically wise or foolish, but a proper discussion can hardly begin while spending only 3 or 4 percent more than one’s income rather than, say, 8 or 10 percent, is regarded as some kind of sadomasochistic or penitential asceticism. All terminology is flawed, no doubt, but some terms are more flawed than others—and some amount to full-blown and highly motivated lies.[1]
It's the same with pension reform, a looming problem of epic proportions. No class of wiser investments or higher taxes will solve the pension problem. Only benefit cuts will restore pension systems to health. The same with Medicare and Social Security. Chance of this happening? Zero. Anyone who suggests this course? Oblivion or anathema.

The result of this semantic confusion and obfuscation is a Western political life that will not and cannot address major problems.

[1] "The Devil’s in the Diction." By Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal, 10/5/17.

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