June 27, 2018

Cut the crap.

Pardon my French. I generally lean in the direction of refined speech and manners, preferring subtlety, understatement, and wit to go through life. Readers of my essays and assorted items I've stolen from bright souls around the web may wonder if my self description more accurately describes my mailman but, there it is, affectatio bunnyae, Bunny’s aspiration. But, as my mother would say, she liked people who can call a spade a blood shovel. So frank language is sometimes in order and now more than ever.

Specifically, some recent Karl Denninger posts bring into focus just what mother trucking regiments of timorous, psychopathic, grasping, lying, shucking, jiving, pusillanimous, willfully-blind, visionless, treasonous, seditious, ignorant, reckless, opportunistic, murderous and/or ignorant scum-suckers we have for a political class.

In no particular order he ably highlights:

1. NAFTA garbage. The NAFTA scam resulted in the loss of millions of American jobs and enjoyment of none of the promised benefits.

2. Our mysterious devotion to Chinese communists. We fawn over an aggressive, thieving, manipulative, tyrannical Chinese communist dictatorship robbing us blind for reasons that are still unclear and doubtless dishonorable. Like China was the only then third-world country available to receive our largesse? The American manufacturing class loved the low Chinese wages, the U.S. government did nothing about the theft and manipulation of Chinese currency and massive outflow of manufacturing capacity (not to mention Clinton’s generous transfer of missile technology to said communist dictatorship), and the American worker was left to pound sand and compete with Chinese working for poverty-level wages (and low-wage, third-world illegal immigrants stealing their jobs next door and driving down their wages). Result? Massive trade imbalance, Wal Mart becomes the marketing arm of China, and the Chinese buy up our debt, our companies and our real estate.

As I’ve noted many times, this was all done to the exclusion of India, which is not a communist dictatorship but just happens to be possessed of an educated population committed to parliamentary democracy. Moreover, does India have a national language that’s hideously difficult to master? Why, no. The official language of India is English, meaning that there were precisely zero linguistic barriers to any American enterprise or entrepreneur doing business in India. But, no. These friendly and capable people were just unworthy of our official favor and we just had to do all in our power to dump tons of money and the crown jewels of our intellectual property into the lap of a strategic competitor and Communist tyranny. What could go wrong?

Read the White House report on Chinese hostility linked to by Denninger. Put that report together with what Denninger says and you have a pretty damn good picture of the Red Beast we so blithely and recklessly have hitherto fed. There is a gigantic, hostile, predatory, vicious dictatorship and now ask yourself what this contrived bullshit about (a) collusion with the Russian menace and (b) Assad the Brutal Dictator is all about. Do these beloved themes of our dirt bag political class make any sense whatsoever when you spend five minutes contemplating the true nature of the hostile and rapacious Chinese government? Have the Russians or the Syrians done 1/1,000,000th of the damage the Chinese have done to us and are doing to us? But where is it that we are expending our precious time and resources? Chasing ghosts and contrived threats some other damn place. Is Syria a threat to the U.S.? No, it is not but there we are with illegal military bases in Syria supporting the true scum of the earth, al-Qaida and ISIS. True story.

3. Leftist commitment to violence. The left’s determination to make harassment and violence the cornerstone of its strategy to defeat any kind of a patriotic, rule-of-law pushback and one of the cornerstones of our civilization, free speech. Take your pick between the leftist gunman who tried to kill Rep. Scalice; Bicycle Lock Man attacking a Trump supporter; AntiFa violence at Trump rallies, at other events of conservative groups, and at college speaking events; dirt bag harasssment of Trump administration officials at home and in restaurants; and Maxine Waters’s call to deny public spaces to the right. These are not people who believe in the orderly transfer of power through elections or the fundamentals of civil society. These people are vicious enemies.

A friend of mine believes that Trump should deputize 50,000 new U.S. Marshals to deal with this scourge and I say, What is not to love about that? But Trump sits paralyzed in the face of this assault on the foundations of our world. The most basic bargain, the . . . most . . . basic bargain the state makes with its citizens or subjects is to maintain public order and yet where is Trump’s recognition of this fact? Instead, “we” are chasing our tail in Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen, slobbering over the prospect of war with Iran, conducting pointless and provocative (ergo stupid) NATO exercises on Russia’s border, dabbling in regime change to spread “our values” (run!!), and dumping unbelievable sums into our military budget clearly without the least understanding of who are our friends and who are our enemies.

We spend $32,000,000 per hour to maintain our bases and conduct our military activities in pursuit of mysterious goals while “our democracy” at home founders under an elite class that celebrates foreigners, the end of white America, the complete abandonment of the Constitution, the complete abandonment of sovereignty and the debasement of true citizenship, and does nothing about the kind of street thuggery that was the hallmark of Weimar Germany. The National Socialist solution to that spot of bother was the Sturm Abteilung or Brown Shirts. Who wants that? And if the answer is “not decent people” then where is there any kind of organized effort to clear the streets of leftist filth? Jeff Sessions is energized, I’ll give him that. Energized on the vital issue of our marijuana problem. There’s a fire under Jeff on that issue.

The border remains wide open. We twist our hanky like old ladies over perfectly humane treatment of children unfortunate enough to have criminal parents or fake trafficking “parents” as their putativev protectors. We continue to treat the loss of tens of thousands of factories and millions of jobs to foreigners who hate us and laugh in our face as mere nothings or slight inconveniences. Our MSM are liars and radicals to a man. Highly educated lawyers, judges, and politicians mouth complete garbage about our “living Constitution,” our being a nationofimmigrants, this being a “propositional nation,” the joys of multiculturalism, diversity, and third-world parasites, criminals, and job thieves. Morons pursue and promote ruinous libertinism, perversion and sexual confusion with the rapt approval of the political elite who view ball bearings implanted under the skin of one’s forehead and fish hooks through one’s lips as high art and liberty’s apotheosis. We fail to demand personal discipline, observance of the law, responsibility, and an abandonment of the white racism/white privilege fairy tale from blacks. We subsidize bastardy, ensure single-mother devotion to the nanny state, and make marriage and child rearing highly expensive propositions fraught with risk and the potential for grievous penalties for fathers.

If you’ve ever read about the lives of people who win fortunes from playing the lottery you have an idea of what Americans – all of us – have managed to do after being handed a perfect jewel of a nation and a constitutional order that brilliantly endeavored to rid Americans of the age old scourge of arbitrary government and the insults and depredations of arrogant, contemptible officials. We have squandered the fortune that was our birthright like those lottery winners who give human stupidity a bad name. And, worst of all, with free elections still available to us to stand politics on their head, we time and again hand power (back) to gutless swine.

Cut the crap is a war cry of no elegance but keeping this thought in mind will be a useful thing to do when considering the immediate future. The political elite have sold us out. Anything and everything they say and promote is garbage and of no relevance to the problems of the productive, decent, and law-abiding portion of the population.

In short, our political class can’t find it’s ass with both hands and nothing (except for Trump’s efforts to rationalize the American economy and trade and reduce the regulatory burden) is being done about our horrendous problems, which I only partially describe. Compile your own list or problems and devise your own solutions for our ills, but never ever waiver from the sure knowledge that whatever our political class is espousing is pure crap. Go turn on Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC right now. But for a few honorable souls, it's all crap. There's your infallible, universal, one-size-fits-all bottom line.


paul scott said...

Colonel, Excellent > I think it is now clear to everyone that you are one of the most incisive and most forceful warriors against your Country's belligerence overseas.
With this in mind, I think it is time you were promoted to General.
Of course, we can not rely on anyone within the system to see the social values and far-reaching consequences of your efforts, and so in the time honoured Napoleonic tradition you should appoint yourself to the rank oF General.
General Bunny. Mm If you get the chance maybe a change of surname to a more macho image.
How many stars is up to you. If anybody objects we will deal with that snivelling person.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thanks. I'm all for "kinetic" action as the morons say. (Is there any other kind of action?) But military force is a terrible thing for lots of ancillary people, if that's the right adjective. If we're going to kill a lot of people and destroy their land it ought, however, to be for a very, very, very, very good reason and that's what I can't detect in our ridiculous, expensive, murderous activities in Syria and Yemen, to name two places. I can't see that any American interest is involved in those places, let alone a vital interest, and the lies and malevolent garbage that have grown up around our presence and activities in the M.E. are an affront to us all.

My choice of pseudonym was intended to convey the mentality of Bugs Bunny rather than Peter Rabbit but I think it ended up giving a frivolous impression. Lesson learned . . . though some have understood the reference.

I have plans for a more specialized blog using my true name so I'll see how that goes.

Jeff Smith said...

This is an outstanding essay. I admire your ability to put into words what I have thought for years. Perhaps you've addressed the following point in earlier work, but I would like to mention it here. The growing hatred to senior citizens AKA Boomers is incredible only if one is ignorant about how the communists operate after they take over a nation (of which I'm sure you are well aware). After disarming the population, they kill every intellectual and every useless idiot, and also try to wipe out the older people who retain the memory of how life was like before communism.

I'm in my 60's and remember well and with great fondness what life was like for Americans in the 60's and 70's. All gone. This is not due to an old man's tender memories of his youth, but a real anguish over what was given away by the traitors and Quislings that marched through the institutions for over a hundred years.

Perhaps I might of led a grass-root movement to restore our nation, but I didn't. I just moaned and complained while working hard and building my life. I am aware that this is a major accusation of the younger people against us Boomers and I have no rebuttal other then pointing out to them that I was carried by The Dismal Tide into the place we are now so incrementally that I only noticed it in hindsight.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Smith.

I wasn't aware of a particular animus toward Boomers though anything to do with our now fading America is reviled. Analytical precision on the part of any existing cohort is not widespread. Boomers and pre-Boomers like myself (by a hair) can be forgiven for assuming that the general decency and normality of our times were a given, eternal. It's long been a point of mine that decent people of any cohort simply cannot understand that there are people who hate them and the country and are determined to throw it all into the trash for something vastly inferior, if not evil. Think Libya. Gaddafi wasn't a Rotarian but at the time we undertook to depose him he was acting pretty reasonably and what replaced him was a smoking jihadi disaster.

This malignancy in our heartland has poisoned debate to the point that half the country believes pure fairy tales about economics, sex, law, citizenship, culture, the family, etc. The answer to a reasonable point made by a normal person is not a substantive response but a ridiculous ad hominem.

The Treason Class is committed to shutting down debate and to me it's beyond obvious that AntiFa is just an government auxiliary that will NOT be hounded into oblivion. They're an honored part of the progressive/communist revolution underway.

Decent people just can't understand evil.

We all took America of old for granted but imagine how we might have solved our problems without having to forever pander to feminist, leftist and racist fanatics. But our fascination with "equality" and "fairness" has proved fatal. We forgot to consider and fight for our own interests so now the majority white population is on the defensive and has to move heaven and earth to get the blankety blank government to close the damn borders.