June 25, 2018

Defensive NATO?

During his meeting with NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg, in Rome, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte pointed out the “centrality of the Enlarged Mediterranean for European security”, now threatened by the “arc of instability stretching from the Mediterranean to the Middle East”. Which is why it is important for NATO, an alliance under US command, which Conte describes as the “pillar of interior and international security”. This is a complete inversion of reality.

It is the foundation of USA / NATO strategy which in fact provoked the “arc of instability” with its two wars against Iraq, the two other wars which demolished the states of Yugoslavia and Libya, and the war aimed at demolishing the state of Syria.[1]

I’m no fan of Islamic or African culture but the insufferable U.S. and European urge to remake every damn thing under the sun drives me up the wall. A simple alternative to this arrogance would be to let other nations handle their affairs without interference and Western preaching. Those nations then keep their populations at home, whether voluntarily or because of vigorous efforts sealing off Western nations. We do business with them but do not import foreigners to destroy our homelands.

Plan A, of course, is this arrogant remaking of tribal and Islamic societies with absolutely no clue as to likely consequences after which, when chaos and terror take root, we transform our own nations with millions of unassimilable and hostile foreigners whose nations we have trashed. Jeebus. This makes sense to the brilliant minds at the Council of Foreign Relations, the Atlantic Council, NATO, National Security Council, and the New York Times. This is the phenomenon of obtuseness. Two alternatives present themselves. One obviously sensible. The other obviously lunatic. Which one do Western leaders choose every bleeping time without fail 24/7 and twice on leap year? Correct! They choose the lunatic option.

[1] "The Circuit of Death in the “Enlarged Mediterranean” (Video)." By Manlio Dinucci, South Front, 6/22/18 (author’s emphasis removed; my emphasis added).


paul scott said...

Not NATO Colonel>> but can you work out what this release below means>> It comes from the SouthFront site, which I think I arrived at via you.


Hasaka, SANA- In framework of the US divulged support to the terrorist groups which aims at prolonging terrorist war on Syria, two helicopters of the US-led “International Coalition” evacuated two of Daesh (ISIS) leaders from the area of Twaimin on the Syrian-Iraqi borders.

According to civil sources, the US forces carried out an airdrop operation through two helicopters affiliated to the so-called “International Coalition” in the area of Twaimin at the Syrian-Iraqi borders, and transported two of Daesh members to the headquarters of the occupying US forces in the city of al-Shaddadi.

The sources said that the airdrop and the evacuation were carried out without any clashes and in coordination and cooperation with the US-backed Qasad groups in the region

paul scott said...

I would like to see a quick >> Guide to the Arab Islamic shambles >> Sunni Shia divisions and how the hell we or the Russians fit in. I know that we do not fit in, but just for us low knowledge people in NZ and Australia. "

Col. B. Bunny said...

I see your point about NATO as it's the U.S. that's the visible face of this train wreck. If you look at the list of culprits who are participating in Operation Inherent Resolve it's a gaggle of NATO countries. All of them, I think, including Zululand and Disneyland.

That's a tall order, laying out the ins and outs of the Arab world's interests in this. I seem to recall taking a stab at a sort of an overview for one commenter but I can't lay my finger on that just now. I recommend Elija Munier, Vanessa Beeley, and Eva Bartlett for honest and insightful commentary on Syria. Caitlin Johnstone is often good but is sort of weird on the "borders don't matter" and socialism dealie. Nobody's got a lock on it all.

Lolitas brother said...

Right. some references there to look at.