June 23, 2018


People are right to be deeply disturbed by the ways in which the main narrative of their culture no longer maps to reality.
Main narrative = rationality, truth, constitutional government, majority rights, consent of the governed, civilization, family, innovation, productivity, self-preservation.

Reality = leftist delusion; lies; worship of totalitarian, arbitrary government; worship of minorities and foreigners; a revival of feudal rule; third-world transformation; enshrined deviancy; government manipulation; fiscal and monetary debasement; meek, unexplained surrender to savagery.

The president has the power to put troops on the border tomorrow but does not. Instead – deer in the headlights like – he gets caught up in a manufactured “crisis” of children being separated through no fault of the federal government but rather through the fault of the parents (or “parents”) of the children. Building a wall was his signature theme in the his campaign, yet he signed an appropriation act that essentially had nothing in it to fund that wall. This he did to ensure that our military obtain more money. Money to provide security for (or take it away from) foreigners thousands and thousands of miles from any border of ours that needs military protection.

It’s all song and dance about vaporous [nonsense] and the citizen still sees, day after day, tax money and funny money sluicing out to the dregs of society and foreign wars that secure or advance no observable interests of the people.

The seditious foreigner and the parasitic, rejectionist minority (and AntiFa auxiliaries) are the new aristocracy (or, perhaps more accurately, the new favored Janissaries) and Washington politicians get and hold power by licking the boots of the wealthy.

Billion-dollar MSM channels are nothing but a source of leftist glorification of the inundation of white people, race mixing, and the homosexual agenda. Anarcho-tyranny is the standing order of the day for all government officials with the exception of various Sheriff Arpaios and Judge Moores.

If the normal, white citizen isn’t deeply depressed or choking with barely-suppressed rage, he or she just isn’t paying attention. Those who do pay attention will not forever accept this wholesale attack on everything they value. Until that time, we live in a time of profound decay, cowardice, and treason.

"The End Of Growth.” By Chris Martenson, ZeroHedge, 6/23/18.


paul scott said...

I like the statement on Reality > best repeated in various places and I will attribute of course.
Now this part >
" Those who do pay attention will not forever accept this wholesale attack on everything they value. Until that time, we live in a time of profound decay, cowardice, and treason."

It is true that we are sitting around doing nothing.
So far my part has been to say that older men have less to lose and must be in the front line of the Civil ACTION.
Sh Sh say the pansy right> you can't say that
OK I won't say it but I will have to target soon, there is no other way.
We are sitting on our hands in an International civil war

Now in your Interest section you include Country Western dancing.
That has to stop

paul scott said...

About pre-trial activism in USA.
About Judge Moore specifically.
Within a couple of minutes I had video and written reports from that woman Leigh Corfman'
Of course, a sexual allegation followed up by the poor little lady and girl interviews.
What chance do you have.
Double the toxic hate because he Moore is a Christian.
In Thailand where I am just now they have a weird system of re-enacting the crime on TV.
Police are not very well paid here, so if you have enough money you won't have to re-enact the crime on TV.
And probably go free.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I knew an infantry officer who had been in the Philippines in WWII. He took off and crossed a big open space and found that his platoon had remained behind on the edge of the clearing. I think just now "doing something" will more resemble that experience than anything else. The Chicoms used to speak of the lack of a revolutionary consciousness in the masses such that direct action at that moment would be a tactical error. I grind my teeth at the slowness with which people are waking up in the face of an OBVIOUS mortal threat to all that they are and have. Such is the human animal, alas. Thus, efforts to raise the consciousness of our fellow citizens are in order though now, of course, one has to swim through a pool of molasses to say anything true such is the elite determination to shut down anything resembling free speech.

:-) I have to confess my C/W dancing days are in the past, though I'd still enjoy learning ballroom and what we call night club two step. The waltz is a favorite of mine and I seem to remember the moves where all the other lessons I took just went in one ear and out the other.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I thought the charges against Moore were contrived. If a "victim" doesn't speak out right away I think the presumption shifts to saying that she considered all positives and negatives and chose to let it go. Decades later to "recall" one's terrible angst seems underhanded. But it works in today's wussified America.

Lucky you to be in Thailand. I almost went there on my leave from Nam but chose, ta da, to visit a friend in Auckland instead. I met an odd rich aristocrat-wannabe English woman friend of my friend who spend dinner trying to think of ways to make critical comments about the U.S. My English friend was a peach, however. A good sport as my mother would have said.