June 23, 2018

Union Pacific (2016)


Lolitas brother said...

I remember waiting Union Pacific trains for these to pass us on the Amtrak trips.
Sometimes we would sit for an hour and then a massive train carrying up to a hundred trailors of corn would pass.
These were huge, the railway blokes talked about 10,000 ton trains.
It meant one trailer could weigh 100 tons. Thats 100 cu metres . I worked it out at about 10 metres long and 3m wide, and 3 tall [ something like that ] yes 100 trailers made 10,000 tons.
The waiting period was good for the tourist, because USA citizens had schedules, and so they fly over. Seats were good too. I had my sleeping bag, and they looked the other way at this cowboy from New Zealand sleepibng in the Dining Van.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Sounds like fun. I remember fondly my times hitchhiking in Europe and Scandinavia in the early '60s. Needless to say, if a kid did today what I did then they'd be insane.