June 10, 2018

Go Donald.

Trade: In his boldest “America First!” move to date, Trump has slapped higher steel and aluminum tariffs on – well, pretty much everybody. While the move itself may be a bit ham-fisted, it has signaled that the days of the US attachment to one-way free trade while our trade partners practice mercantilism are over.
"When, Where, and How Will the Empire Strike Back?" By James George Jatras, South Front, 6/10/18.


Lolitas brother said...

Yes excellent little aphorism, > the days of US attachment to one way free trade , while our tade partners practice mercantilim are overfree trade are over<.
I saw the sideswipe from the article as method in "madness" and in the Bangkok Post some idiot going on about automation costing the jobs in the rust belt, but forgetting about the trade balance referred to Trump as "delusionary".
In the face of outstanding boldness they just can't see reality.beciuae its Trump it must be mad.
I coninuously took a hiding in NZ Libertarian blogs and places like "Cafe Hayek" for mentioning the value of patriotism, and someone in the family having work.
Now I see articles prasing China for lowering their trade tarifs, as though it had nothing to do with the tough action Trump has taken.
Place like NZ and Austalia will sink into Gloablism so fast unless USA starts gaining ground again. I want to see the outright confrontaion on the South China sea, or do I want to see it. Yes I do. Aslong as they know where the Elite are hiding out in Bejiing on any given day.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I can't claim credit for that aphorism but is vintage Trump and it's relevant to an area that I think he instinctually understands.

I don't know about NZ. It seems like Sweden with Maoris and sheep. Oz seemed a little more down to earth to me but it's in the grip of the immigration morons just the same.