June 15, 2018

Passionate indifference.

The press is mad, crazy to report on the evil Bashar al-Assad but when it comes to reporting on a ghastly war in Yemen – and U.S. support for the Saudi and U.A.E. dirtbags waging it – the lap dog press all can’t find a pencil sharpener.
Maybe the media barons have decided to take sides and are no longer interested in balanced reports or just articles reporting development on the ground. If we take Yemen, the same journalists expressing strong justified conscious indignation about civilian deaths in the war imposed on Syria are totally numb, unavailable to cover the Saudi Arabian war on Yemen supported by the US and the UK establishments.

The same journalists who are so excited about any bomb dropped by the Syrians or the Russian air force in their war to liberate cities have been relatively quiet about the thousands of civilians killed in the northern city of Raqqah by the US Air Force which destroyed over 80% of the city and left ISIS mines to kill more inhabitants returning to the ruins of that Syrian city.[1]

Everyone knows why helping to kill Houthis is vital to the security of the United States, right? Right?!

[1] " Syrian Dirty War Backfires on International Media." By Elijah J Magnier, 4/25/18.


Lolitas brother said...

Keep up the good work, and be well. Do not take any nonsense from the dog. I frighten dogs, I just tell them they are expendable and they immediately understand the malice.
I have quite a journey to go back through your previous posts.
Much of the Internet is wasteful, but there are good places like you. I also read that character Uncle Remus at the Woodpile report, and the people like Zman and so on.
The best decision I made in the emerging Societal struggle was to leave all MSM entirely.
I allow myself to read a newspaper if one turns up at a coffee bar, but no TV news.
paul scott New Zealand

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them more than you know.

I wish I could take your thought about the internet to heart. Alas, I spend too much time trolling (sic) the web and while I enjoy some of the commenting give and take on certain sites it's a lot like eating a steady diet of cotton candy.

I too am a fan of Remus though less so of the Z Man. I always like what he writes but more and more I like things in bite-sized pieces.

I can't stomach the MSM myself. It's like having my worst enemy blasting idiotic stuff into my ear. The media are just satanic for their casual embrace of propaganda, character assassination, and fabrication.

I do like the dogs, esp. the shepherd who's a sweet animal who minds. The fun of playing in the water and attack the sprinklers was just to hard for her to resist. We acquired a rescue mutt a while back and I started out with a real hatred of the animal. She's turned into a sweet animal too, to my surprise.