June 21, 2018

Rosetta Stone.

The real Great Oz behind the curtain was John Brennan, the former CIA Director, Communist Party USA supporter and, allegedly, Muslim convert. An incompetent loser as a CIA desk jockey analyst, Brennan leveraged his ties to Democrats in the CIA to rise through the ranks. A bloviating gasbag and know-it-all, Brennan is despised by rank-and-file CIA officers. Still, as CIA chief he had enormous power and every last communication between him and anybody else in the world is classified, thus providing him layers of protection not available to many other senior officials.

There is now little question that he called in favors from foreign stooges, such as Estonia, and our closest ally and joined-at-the-hip intelligence partner, Great Britain´s MI-6 (SIS) to provide him plenty of cow dung on Trump. That it was all made up crap was immaterial. As these reports were official documents coming from an official foreign source he could use them in any manner he wanted without any possibility of being called on it. Brennan knew about and probably was behind the Pissgate Dossier.

He knew all about the work of Christopher Steele, and MI-6 knew all about his activities, too. This canard was crafted by Brennan and a few others with the express purpose of forcing Trump out of the race or out of office. It was an act of treason and subversion without precedent in American history.

"The Kettle is Boiling Over." By Southern Sage, The Burning Platform, 6/20/18.

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