June 20, 2018

The eternal bottom line of all leftist discourse.

“Today's Left has no Soviet Union as a beacon," Radosh notes, "but its reflexive hatred of the American system is intact.”[1]
Nothing will ever satisfy the left. The finely woven tapestry of our civilization is contemptible in their eyes. The idea that it's been a gradual accretion of minor advances, small reforms, affection, charity, and refinements sometimes in the category of genius is rejected out of hand and all that stretches to the horizon is but the product of avarice, hatred, and appetite.

What shining orb of love and excellence it is that will replace this vast criminal construct is long on rhetoric and short on specifics. "Brotherhood," a "classless society," and no discrimination against freaks and cannibals seem to be central features of the formless leftist paradise.

Not to mention police with arbitrary power. That's always there though never acknowledged except in unguarded moments.

[1] Ron Radosh quoted in " Seeing Red." By Kenneth Lloyd Billingsley, Claremont Review of Books, 5/20/02.


paul scott said...

The photograph here puzzles me.
The white men are in handcuffs are themselves of a light colour, I wondered maybe not steel.
The men have short haircuts but look in good condition.
They are in clean white underpants, and their feet are clean.
The place is eerily bucolic and rustic, I suppose it could be some outpost somewhere.
The uniformed soldier with the gun, has a strange but possibly military position.
I can not see a holster or military regalia.
He is actually aiming near at the prisoner's neck.
I studied a lot of the photographs which came out of the Nanjing massacres.
Many of them were shots rigged up later for anti-Japanese propaganda, but of course,
the event did take place.
Once you have read about John Kennedy, 7/11, Waco, the Stanley Kubrick moon landing, and stuff like that, you become a conspiracy watcher.

Col. B. Bunny said...

That's a healthy instinct. I gave a lot of credence to American officials in an earlier life and probably with good reason. However, I've swung the other way completely and see officials as lying polecats until proven otherwise.

The event in the photo is too local or limited in nature to warrant later fabrication. In general, Soviets, of which I think the executioner here is one, have had little to fear by way of Western exposure. Given the genuine nature of the photo, I'm inclined to think the executioner was with Smersh and the healthy victims were Soviet troops picked up in the rear area and marked for elimination.

paul scott said...

It's gruesome. I always wonder when I see these photos how men bow to this fate when for whatever it shows or achieves, one last desperate and violent struggle.

paul scott said...

Yes, I looked up Smersh > very scary. The men as soldiers identified as misfits or traitors seems likely. The thick no-nonsense underpants may well have been standard issue.