May 17, 2010

Norwegian Military Tattoo.

And a contest between Muslims in Europe and European armies would end . . . how?

H/t: Theo Spark .


Zenster said...

Methinks with the exact same precise coordination and attention to detail.

Zenster said...

PS: Thank you for directing my attention to such a stirring demonstration of well-honed military discipline.

As an American of first generation Danish descent, it was gratifying beyond measure to see Old Glory and the Dannebrog displayed alongside Norway's proud colors.

With Gratitude,


Col. B. Bunny said...

My pleasure. I'm glad it meant so much to you.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Having served on a precision military drill team and in in Afghanistan fighting Taliban I can say that I do appreciate this level of drill and precision. But it's ruthlessness and willingness to harm that will win the day, not precision. Modern militaries have taken this hyper-rigid precision and turned it into hyper-rigid bureaucracy. We see that in the Geneva Convention, Rules of Engagement, and Law of Armed Conflict that hamstrings us to this day. I hate to say it, but a ruthlessness, cold heart and absolute absence of compassion will win over precision and discipline. Hopefully my brothers in arms can remember that when the time comes.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I see your point. I remember reading something somewhere by a field troop. He didn't care for the parade ground soldiers. You demonstrate that you can be both and your precision did not prevent you from adopting the right mental approach to combat. The former MAY inhibit the latter but I take more comfort from the skill exhibited in the video than I do concern. If restrictive or stupid ROE affect troops they are an entirely outside factor.

My first comment at the GoV post from which you came was to highlight the oddity of having a police force that exists only to ESCORT freeloaders and subversives INTO the country (Italy). And that after the latter had gotten past a NAVAL screen. If any. (Hah!)

The cops or sailors may have been well armed and extremely competent in doing what they should be doing but their own wishes in the matter were irrelevant.

Same for the Royal Marines with the one woman NCO who were captured by Iranians about a year back without attempting to repel the Iranians.

The orders came from on high and had nothing to do with the troops being overly schooled in precise ways.

For our part, it seems beyond dispute that our military everywhere operates to support Muslim interests, not our own.