February 14, 2022

Yet more Weather Channel hysteria, campers.

Ok, this full-court press on the Weather Channel's shilling for climate change is just amazing. When I think I've hit it pretty hard already they just crank it up ad astra. It makes you wonder if you live, like, 24/7 in a propaganda soup no matter the topic:

2/14/22 -- "Serious Drought Worsens in Spain, Portugal." "Experts say climate change is worsening droughts across Europe."

2/14/22 -- "25-Year-Old New Hampshire Event Ended; Climate Change Blamed." "New Hampshire town ends annual event due to climate change."

2/13/22 -- "Home Collapses into Ocean on Outer Banks." "Scientists say that as the world warms and glaciers melt problems like this will only get worse. Some homes built on the barrier island years ago are now sitting at the edge of the water."

2/12/22 -- "More Bad News for Coffee Drinkers." "Climate change is coming for your morning cup of Joe. A new study found regions that grow coffee plants will be hit hard by 2050. The main reason is rising temperatures. . . . Droughts have already caused coffee prices to spike."

2/12/22 -- "Exclusive Winter Horse Race in Jeopardy Due to Global Warming." "A winter horse race in Switzerland that’s over a century old may be in trouble because of rising temperatures."

2/11/22 -- "Gas Stoves Release Methane Even When They’re Off." Methane is about 25 times a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. Studies suggest that gas stoves could have the same global warming effect over 20 years as half a million gas-powered cars.

2/9/22 -- "US Army’s First Climate Strategy: Cut Emissions in Half By 2030." "The Defense Secretary stressed how climate change is already a threat to troops. Supply chains and Army infrastructures have been impacted. And working in extreme temperatures, hurricanes, and wild fires is taking its toll on soldiers. So part of the plan includes a road map to adapting troops and bases to climate extremes."

2/9/22 -- "Famous Iceberg Drops 152 Billion Tons of Freshwater As it Melts." It seems that warmer sea water is causing the iceberg to melt faster.

2/8/22 -- "Climate Change Creating More Intense Smell of Snow." "Here's an impact of climate change you might not have thought of. It's changing the way snow smells. Researchers say that as the air and ground get warmer that encourages the circulation and intensity of odor molecules. So snow is producing more intense smell as a result of climate change." We're done for, Mabel.

2/8/22 -- "Even Mount Everest Is Melting." "Climate change is causing the highest glacier on Mount Everest to melt frighteningly fast – and it has far-reaching effects for more than one billion people."

2/4/22 -- "West Coast Could Face More Blackouts Due to Climate Change, Study Finds." "Climate change is causing more extreme weather events." So it's not just warming but extreme events.

2/1/22 -- "Great Barrier Reef Could Face Another Mass Bleaching." "Greehouse gas emissions in the atmosphere are leading to climate change that's making the world's oceans hotter. And experts say bleaching will become more frequent."

1/25/22 and 2/9/22 -- "California Desert Plants Threatened By Climate Change and Thirsty Animals." "Unfortunately solutions won't be easy to come by. The true need is to eliminate greenhouse gases in the atmosphere."

1/24/22 -- "Back-to-Back Landfalls To Become More Frequent, Faster." "New study found time between landfalls decreasing as world warms." Here comes another one, Mabel.

1/20/22 -- "Glacier Photos Offer Sobering Glimpse of Future." Much future peril.

1/20/22 -- "Rose-Shaped Resilient Reef Appears Untouched by Mass Bleaching Event." Climate change making devastating bleaching events more likely." Shocker.

12/26/21 -- "Dramatic Photos from 2021 Show Depth of World Climate Crisis."

12/25/21 -- "Afghans Suffer in Extreme Drought Made Worse By Climate Change (PHOTOS)." "Amid decades of war, the coronavirus pandemic and the chaos of the Taliban seizing power and U.S. and NATO troops withdrawing earlier this year, Afghanistan is in the grips of a second year of crippling drought that experts say is made worse by climate change."

12/23/21 -- "Beavers Heading North as Arctic Permafrost Disappears." Warmer temperatures due to climate change suspected. Surprise, surprise.

12/21/21 -- "Drought, Fires, Floods, Mudslides and One Devastating Deep Freeze: The Images of 2021." "While this year’s climate change-driven weather disasters brought immeasurable suffering and destruction . . . ."

  • "The ongoing drought in the West and unrelenting heat waves fueled wildfires that burned towns to the ground . . . ."
  • "Hurricanes pounded the East Coast." [This is new.]
  • Tornadoes wiped out homes and lives . . . ." [Also new.]
  • ". . . Texas plunged into a deep freeze that collapsed the power grid, leaving millions of people without power and heat. Hundreds were killed." [They died with climate change.]
12/20/21 -- "Drought, Fires, Floods, Mudslides and One Devastating Deep Freeze: The Images of 2021." "We’ve compiled a slideshow of both the most devastating and awe-inspiring imagery of the last year. While this year’s climate change-driven weather disasters brought immeasurable suffering and destruction, photographers still caught fleeting moments of beauty . . . ."

12/30/21 -- "Time-Lapse Shows Insane Snowfall in Lake Tahoe." Hey! How'd this get in here?

12/28/21 -- "Record Snowfall Blankets West Coast." Ok. Who's the wise guy?

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