30 August 2011

A story to be kept alive.

Brandon Matthews discusses the "old establishment" use of naked short selling to drive out dangerous competitors (Overstock.com, Taser, Dendreon, Sirius XM). Big Wall Street names were involved.

Mr. Matthews also sees that this was something that foreign financial terrorists could also use to attack America's financial system -- and that they did do that.

He mentions Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com, who has worked with Mark Mitchellauthor of a multi-part report on the terrorist attack that took place. This report "names the people involved which includes American and Russian mafia, middle east jihadists, and some rather large broker dealers and their associated hedge funds."

Mr. Matthews is interesting. He's a man who's interested in "retail investors" and the ways in which they're screwed by Wall Street.

It begins to dawn on me that the integrity and regularity of the legal and financial system at the retail level is, shall we say, not matched up in the jet stream altitudes of the legal and financial system. Too much of the make up is wearing off.

What's the name of that bank? The Federal Preserve Bank? Maybe it's not on the up and up as most of us thought.

Also, the socialists in power now on the national level overplayed their hand in the political realm. If they'd kept their activities looking like what traditional, patriotic Americans would engage in, they could have gone far. However, they couldn't keep their real agenda hidden when they were so close to realizing their fondest hopes for fundamental change, viz., turning the United States into one giant race revenge, redistributionist, third-world slum.

"Exposing The Crime of Naked Short Selling." By Brandon Matthews, SWP, 4/30/11.

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I have been reading the Deep Capture articles. There is not much that will piss you off more. And nothing being done about it. indyjones